Guitars to light your soul


Keepers Guitars arose from my private collection. This had no specific focus or direction other than to satisfy my love of guitars. Ending up as an eclectic and diverse mix of pre-owned guitars reflecting my interests and aspirations over a number of years. Each one, for different reasons, is a ‘Keeper’ for me. It is not a collection that harbours rare/vintage ‘assets’ or closet queens but pretty much covers all bases particularly for someone with my limited level of playing skills. However there are only so many guitars you can meaningfully own and play at any one time and none of them should or deserve to spend most of their time in a case.

Whilst it is clearly a privilege to have a collection of guitars to enjoy, in a perverse way it does end up effectively limiting opportunities to discover new treasures, modern developments and experience the rich variety and craft of small and boutique makers unless you have access to unlimited resources – which I certainly do not. So hence whilst I am happy to retain all of the collection as ‘Keepers’ there is a whole world of ‘Keepers’ still to try waiting out there.

The collection covers a broad spectrum of price points and as with everything else is inevitably subject to the law of diminishing returns. However, quality does count and skill, creativity and passion will always cost but enjoyment and satisfaction is not solely the domain of the ‘best’ or most expensive. I can honestly say I play my less expensive guitars at least as much as the more ‘exotic’ ones. ‘In the moment’ a Vintage Gordon Giltrap  can be as worthy as a high end Taylor and is accessible to all. What better value can there be?

‘Always part of your life’

Buying and Part exchange

Yes we will consider these options depending on the actual guitar under consideration, its condition and how it fits into our portfolio. Naturally we do have to make a profit and cover our costs and this will obviously be reflected in any offer we may make. However, we would anticipate any offer we might make likely to be competitive with other trade offers you might receive and therefore worth your while contacting us for an estimate. You can always say no.

Set ups and condition of guitars for sale

All guitars sold are eminently playable and useable with no cracks major damage, defect or significant repair and fairly described. As a rule guitars are not set up prior to being offered for sale as often a guitarist will have their own trusted tech or wish to undertake this themselves. Equally strings will be minimally serviceable as again these are often a specific personal preference. Should you wish us to undertake a set up including a restring we are happy to do this for a  charge of £90 and the work will be undertaken by a trained and experienced Luthier.

Is it possible to try the guitar before I buy?

We are happy for anybody to play our guitars before deciding to purchase. Unfortunately we are located on the coast of South West Scotland and for the majority this unlikely to be a realistic option. However, if this is viable for you please do not hesitate to contact us without obligation and we will facilitate it if at all possible.

New and Future Developments

We have a number of exciting developments planned for the future which will be featured as they come on stream. These will include beautifully designed stands, display cases and chairs specifically for the guitarist. Guitar related prints and artworks. Guitar themed clothing. Features on specialist UK Luthiers and the opportunity for you to showcase your playing skills and creativity.