Heads up!


– All pictures on this site are of the actual guitars for sale and are accurately described.

– All measurements detailed in the specification are of the actual guitars for sale and which have been individually measured using digital calipers and a steel rule by ourselves so may be subject to a minimal degree of variation to that stated. We did this in acknowledgement that there can be variations in the detail of each model deriving from age, model year, specification change and other manufacturing variables in a models development.

– The guitars on offer are in very good to outstanding cosmetic condition, even though used and have not been the subject of major repair. They are split, crack and warp free unless stated otherwise in their description and do not require any work to be eminently playable.

– Cases are normally in excellent condition but inevitably by their nature, will have on occasion, been subject to wear and tear but will always still offer protection to the guitar unless otherwise stated or not available.


As yet we have not provided any audio samples of the guitars available. This may change in the future for the sake of interest but our reflection at this time is that the sound of the guitar is conditioned by so many variables – the settings of the instrument, the specific strings and their age, the recording equipment utilised and it’s bias and levels, the recording environment, any pedals etc. utilised, the playback equipment (mobile,laptop,tablet!) – to render any such samples as relatively meaningless in any objective context. The situation is further compounded by the most significant and complex element of all – the player. Their skill level, sensitivity, experience, motivation and hearing capacity. In essence the ultimate judgement can only be made by you in relation to how the guitar musically, emotionally and physically speaks to you and inevitably that will be different to how it speaks to me.

But for all that samples are under consideration if for no reason other than if we can maintain a degree of recording constants some comparisons between each model can be drawn and it is interesting and cool, if not scientifically valid. Watch this space!